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Sep 2012


Jul 2011



“The first act proper was Rise Kagona and the Jit-Jive Band. Once a member of the Bhundu Boys he’s surely seen bigger, more active crowds than this. But the sheer joy that this man (and the two more anonymous members playing mbira and bass) has performing is palpable. Playing effortlessly amazing major-key guitar lines, the infrequently touring band was inclusive and friendly, teaching the Glasgow crowd the traditional Jit Jive way to show appreciation (apparently making a loud ‘Ohohoh’ sound while slapping your cheek). Kagona is clearly a performer who’s in it just because this is what he loves doing.”

City of Stars Festival 

“Rise Kagona is a real music legend... Recently Rise Kagona played with his new band in London, and the BBC Africa’s Lewis Machipisa went to see him”


audio review:


Africa Centre

“...First up was Zimbabwean guitarist, singer and ex-Bhundu Boy Rise Kagona, backed by his three-piece Jit Jive Band on bass, drums, xylophone and shekere (a beaded gourd drum/shaker). Jit is a catch-all term for roots-based Zimbabwean pop music, exemplified by Kagona's sunny, intricate, agile yet rock-steady guitar lines, whose easy suppleness and sparkle belied their formidable technical prowess. With his incantatory or call-and-response vocals shifting between mellow, expansive warmth and deeper gravitas, and rhythms between a laid-back lope and quickfire choppiness, the hypnotic momentum cast a winning spell.” 


Sue Wilson, The Scotsman


Leith Folk Club



Musicport Festival

“...on the main stage, the festival was launched by organisers Jim and Sue McLaughlin, followed shortly afterwards by a performance by Zimbabwe's Rise Kagona and the Jit Jive Band. If any music was guaranteed to get things off to a flying start, it had to be the sound of the former Bhundu Boys guitarist's infectious Jit, which was evident immediately as the dance floor filled before the second song was underway.”

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